Amazing features that make it awesome!

Cross-platform serverCross-platform workflow server that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.
Powerful backendDesign, manage and track your workflows with ease.
Enhanced designerDesign your workflows with Drag & Drop features.
Sequential workflowsCreate sequential workflows with ease.
Flowchart workflowsCreate flowchart workflows with If, Switch and While flowchart nodes.
Approval workflowsCreate approval workflows on generic business objects such as documents, invoices, purchase orders, time sheets, vacation requests, ect.
100+ activities100+ activities for different kind of jobs.
10+ databases supportedMost popular NoSQL and relational database systems supported.
Real-time statsThe dashboard gives you real-time stats on your workflows.
Cron schedulingCron workflows are often useful if you need a job-firing schedule that recurs based on calendar-like notions, rather than on the exactly specified intervals.
RESTful APIStandalone language-agnostic solution that can be integrated to an app that runs PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, etc. via a RESTful API.
ExtensibleCreate custom integration with custom activities.
Extensive logging Track your workflows with ease and stay informed with real-time monitoring and email notifications.
Android and iOS appsManage your workflows from your Android or iOS device.
And much more...Check out other features.

Some real life examples

Orchestration engineCan be used as an orchestration engine in different fields and more especially in multimedia and telecommunication fields.
Approval processesCan be used for approval processes through approval workflows.
Processing media filesCan process audio, video and image files.
YouTube integrationAutomatically upload videos to YouTube.
Twitter integrationAutomatically send tweets.
Instagram integrationAutomatically upload videos and images to Instagram.
Slack integrationAutomatically send messages to Slack channels.
Reddit integrationAutomatically send posts and links to Reddit.
Twilio integrationAutomatically send SMS messages.
Connecting systemsCan connect systems and applications through hot folders and RESTful services.
Recording live feedsCan record live feeds through FFMPEG or VLC.
Uploading filesCan upload files over FTP, FTPS or SFTP.
ReportingCan create and send reports and invoices by email.
EncryptionCan encrypt and decrypt files.
And much more...Can be used for different kind of jobs through its 100+ activities.

Some benefits

Gain timeGain time by automating repetitive tasks.
Save moneySave money by avoiding re-work and corrections.
Reduce errorReduce human error.
Become efficientBecome more efficient and effective in completing your tasks.
Become productiveBecome more productive in what you do.
Become consistentBecome consistent in what you do.

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